What We Do

Undoubtedly, Comfort Makers are the best interior designers in Kerala. This is not what we say but what our customer have got to say about us. Once they experience the look and feel of our designs they fall in love with our expertise and keep on coming back to us. Thanks to our team of interior designers who are experts at what they do and know exactly what they have to do to ensure that people are satisfied. It is not mere designs that we implement but it is the soul of your home or office that our team will interpret for you making the place lively and beautiful forever. At Comfort Makers, we have a specialized team of interior design experts, who are professionals at designing each and every room separately inducing in innovation, experience, expertise, sophistication and all that it takes to make the space special. We are also experts at providing each and every room in your home with that special appearance that it takes to transform into the modern day luxurious living space. The kitchen interiors and Turnkey interiors that we provide are the best in the industry. We have experience at designing kitchens that ensure that your family’s health and well-being are nurtured and you lead a happy life.

Also, we design the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and all the other rooms as per your taste and choice based on the tried-and-proven techniques with uniqueness in each design that we implement. Our designs will bring in a positive vibe and ensure that your home is the most beautiful place on earth to live. Apart from being the best home interior designers we are also experts at office interior designing. We have designed a number of office spaces in Kochi till date and all our clients are really happy for the work place seems to be more of a fun and creative room which blooms with a positive aura. We customize our design plans to meet your requirements and all our designs are highly-qualifying and most beautiful. We have been designing homes and office spaces for more than 5 years now and we know what is best for you.

Interior Designing & Construction

Comfort Makers has a full- fledged wing of Interior designers and project handling team for various type of Residential, Commercial and Corporate projects. We are seeking to promote a special look to each of our responsibilities,Our remedies are extracted from great research into the needs of each of our customers and customized to suit their wishes. We provide comprehensive interior design and construction service for Residential, Commercial and Corporate projects where hospitality is indeed. We place complete importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients for a personalized service delivery to an uncompromisingly high standard manner. We take a smart and considerate approach to design, that results in a well-determined balance between style and utility.

Comfort Makers offer unique life style solutions to suite all kind of living needs. Our interior designers and project managing team are flexible in their approach and we can deliver a wide range of services from visualization that you can virtually step into. Our team always listen and deliver our client requirements that meet to their budgets, And collaborate with the client to plan a design that will perfectly suit their requirements. After exact drawing and estimations, the interior works are performed by specialist under the direct supervision of the interior designer.

Project Management

Team Comfort Makers have excellent time and project management abilities since they frequently work on more than one project at a time under demanding deadlines. Our project management team provides a dedicated work force whose responsibility is to bring forth high quality enterprise on calculated cost within scheduled duration. Comfort Makers generate efficient plan and we create informative and persuasive proposals and presentations, and maintain good relationship with our client. A visual design scheme will be prepared and presented for your comment and discussion. This will include sketches and images to illustrate your individual design requirements. No work will be carried out or charged for until you are completely happy with the proposal laid out. Following your approval of the design scheme a schedule of costs and specifications will be prepared to allow you to budget and prioritize your expenditure as you see fit. Comfort Makers aims to do this in an efficient manner with minimal disruptions to the day to day business of our clients. Each and every interior work constructed by us on a belief that the quality and style of a home must enhance the living standards and the quality of personal life of our clients . So simply, we are not designing, we are developing new lifestyles. Also, we offer something special for every class of customers.

Interior Renovation

Comfort Makers renovation projects can change your home style more than what you think,or it can drastically change the foot print of your home. A renovation project can upgrade outdated features, better functionality and make the space you have more efficient. Comfort Makers work with our clients to understand each project’s need. We have been successfully delivering high Quality Interior units by our Professional estimating and scheduling capabilities. By coordinating everything, We ensure the things happen at the right time, Whether you’re looking for kitchen,Living room,bed room, bathroom renovations or a custom design job, Comfort Makers is your one-stop-shop for all your home décor needs. From our detailed written estimate to the final product, we make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Appointments are made at customer convenience with professional, experienced and friendly staff. Comfort Makers has been trusted by many of our customers to provide them with expert advice and quality workmanship resulting in interior renovation. We manage all projects to economies of scale.

Comfort Makers uses the latest materials and best appliances available in the industry to make your home interiors modern and eco friendly. When you hire us for your interior remodeling needs, you can really have peace of mind. In addition to using high quality materials for your interior renovations, Comfort Makers make sure all of our work is executed perfectly and in accordance with all construction regulations and standards.

Turnkey Interiors

Comfort Makers undertake Turnkey Interior Project Services. We are committed to achieve client’s requirement combining new software technologies and solutions with new methods. Comfort Makers have ability to produce high quality design & build. All projects undertaken receive the same attention to detail, careful planning and expert supervision.

Turnkey, as the name suggests, incorporates end-to-end processes within a project by providing all the required services to design and build your space, by managing the project from the first point of contact to handing over of the keys. Opting for integrated turnkey solutions ensures a single point of contact for interiors, thereby, minimizing the risk of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Our professionals incorporate creative ideas and elegant designs for undertaking the projects after visiting the premises. Owing to our features such as clear and exact accomplishment, the offered design and services are getting excellent appreciations from our customers. Besides providing the schedule in advance, we pro-actively give developments at site. Management information (MIS) reports are created at regular intervals and detailed reports are generated for major milestones.

Comfort Makers offer this Turnkey Interior Project Services at very reasonable price to the prestigious clients and within stipulated time frame.